OM Ecolites mortar is a semi premix high quality mortar for jointing and bonding of AAC blocks. OM Ecolites mortar semi premix consists of cement, graded sand and specialized polymers which combine to give superior strength, water retention and stability. It replaces the conventional method and material of jointing mortar which requires a 12-18 mm thickness with a revolutionary 2-3 mm joint thickness. Om Ecolites mortar only requires addition of water before application to prepare the product for use, reducing the hassle of measuring and maintaining various individual elements to create a conventional mortar.


Thin Joints :

Reducing the overall jointing material by around 75%, known for their high adhesive strength, enhancing the quality of masonry and minimizing shrinkage.

Water Saver :

Water curing is not required after the application of Om Ecolites mortar as it contains self curing properties.

Time Saving :

No site mixing required for various raw materials and overall less material required in the application process, which leads to less handling and quicker application.

Eco-Friendly :

Om Ecolites  mortar consists of materials that are environment friendly.

No Raking :

Raking of the joints or “U” grooving of the joints are not required before plastering, saving time and manpower.

Less Quantity :

Since the quantity required is 75% less than conventional mortar, the storage requirements are comparatively minimal, saving site storage space and handling.

Minimum Process Time :

After Om Ecolites mortar is applied, the wall will be ready for plaster within a short time of just 24 hours.

Negligible Seepage :

Due to the texture, chemical bond and properties of Om Ecolites mortar, seepage water penetration through joints is negligible.

Semi-Premix :

Only require the addition of water to prepare for application.

Easy Application :

Easy to mix, blend and apply due to the smooth texture of the mortar, the semipremix ensures higher flow-ability and water retention properties.